7 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

We all have grown up reading tales of princesses and beautiful women with hair so pretty that they had people swooning at the very sight of the flowing tresses. We have all at one time or the other decided that we will let our hair grow out long. This is not only because long hair is considered very beautiful because we feel extra feminine and secure when we have that extra bit of protection that our long hair can afford us. But growing your hair long is not easy and takes time and effort not to mention patience to do so. Add to that, the fact that most of us don’t know how often you can color your hair and do not make the effort to find out to have gorgeous hair. We get into such details like thick hair vs thin hair without trying to find out what each entails. Don’t you wish you had access to tips to make your hair grow faster?

And most of us do not even try to make our hair grow faster because not only does this take time but also requires a lot of expensive treatments or so we assume. Which is why we wish we had access to cheap ways to make your hair grow out. We feel that giving you tips to make your hair grow faster could help you set in the right direction.

7 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Trim your hair on a regular basis: While this may sound very contradictory, you have to realize that hair needs to be trimmed on a regular basis to ensure that there are no split ends. This way any nourishment that you provide your hair will reach from root to the tips of your hair, which is essential to make your hair grow.

Take good care of your scalp: It makes sense to take care of issues like hair growth from the root onwards. Apply the right kind of oils like coconut oil or avocado oils to ensure that your scalp gets the nourishment it needs. The scalp could also benefit from a good cleansing but ensure that you do this in a gentle but thorough way.

Try this super hair growth hair mask: Mix together one tablespoon each of coconut and olive oil along with two tablespoons of honey and one well-beaten egg. Apply this mixture from the scalp onwards right to the tip of your hair. Ensure that you massage this mix in your hair gently but firmly in slow circular motions. Leave it on for as long as you can with a minimum of thirty minutes and wash off afterwards. The oils would offer moisture and hydration while the honey helps cleanse and remove dirt and eliminate infections. The proteins in the egg can help strengthen the shaft of hair.

Do not shampoo too often: Sometimes it becomes a routine to reach out for your bottle of shampoo whenever you shower and this could be the reason that the conditioning of your hair is harmed. Ensure that you shampoo your hair only when it is required and not as a matter of routine as this can strip the hair of the natural oils and make it dry and brittle causing it to break off.

Condition your hair right: Conditioning is not only essential to lock in the moisture and ensure that your hair looks its silky best, it also ensures that the lipids and proteins on your hair are locked in. The sealing of the cuticle can help prevent damage and encourage your hair to grow.

Nourish from inside and outside: Eating the right foods like fish, legumes, greens, nuts, and whole grains as well as lean dairy will help nourish the hair from within. You can also gently oil and massage your hair for external nourishment.

Stay away from hot treatments: Starting from showers that use intensely hot water to heat treatments to style hair, can cause damage to your hair. The idea is to take showers in cold water or if that is not possible then work with lukewarm water. It would also be a good idea to stay away from hot styling tools unless absolutely necessary.

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