The Hair Colors most suited for Asians

No matter where your origin is from one of the orient countries like Japan, Korea or China then you may never think of coloring your hair any different from the black hair that you have blessed with from your birth. In this article, we will explore the possibilities with regard to hair color especially for people of Asian origin. You can look at colors like red, brown and shades that are dark and light.

If you feel that none of these hair colors will work for you, you can do something really radical and surprise people. Surely such a bold move would be a head-turner.  We ask you to look at these suggestions with an open mind even if you are hesitant about coloring your hair or are considering it as a one-off practice.

Red hair: Red hair and redheads are some things that we do not normally think of when you think of when thinking of Asian people. It is a fact that most Asians do not have hair that is naturally red. But the fact is that Asian looks can be made to work with red-colored hair. To do that you need to pick the color with care. Make sure you lean towards more of a maroon than shades that have orange in them. You can even consider red hair color with a faint tinge of purple or violet in it.

Red Hair 1

Red hair 2

Red hair 3

Light brown hair is something else that really works on Asian women. More so if you have skin that has tinge of beige to it.  The first time you do this go for a professional’s help; this way you can be ensured that the finish and look is really good.  The thing is that changing your hair color from stark black to lighter brown is something of a tricky proposition. If you have the time to spare you may experiment by cutting of bits of hair into two or three swatches and buy different shades of hair color and experiment to see which works best. Though it needs a modicum of patience to do this you will find that in the long run, you will save yourself money. Apart from which you will save yourself a lot of embarrassment by not picking a totally unsuitable color of hair.

Light brown hair 1

Light brown hair 2

Light brown hair 3

Dying it medium brown: If you are not seeking to change your looks too much then the way to go is medium brown. It is a color that is not dramatically different from the black that Asian women tend to have. Plus if your eyes are brown then brown hair matches it and looks good. It is more towards coordinating colors than your ethnic origin as many women of European origin also have brown hair and brown eyes. What is more Asian facial features look very good with brown hair.

Dying it medium brown

Plus it is not going to be a dramatic transformation making it easier for you and people around you to adapt. It also tends to add a warm and nice glow to your skin. The best part is you can easily color your hair at home without fear of getting it wrong or even spoiling your hair.

Dying it medium brown 2

These are some colors that you could look at if you are of Asian origin and thinking of changing your hair. It is good to change your hair color and make it even more flattering for you face and skin. All it takes is some thinking and research.

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