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8 Easy Protective Styles for Natural Black Hair

8 Easy Protective Styles for Natural Black Hair

The dark-skinned women are blessed to have black natural hair. Their thick and dense hair can be nicely shaped into impressive hairstyles. Natural black hair gives many possibilities for styling. However, African American women often have troubles with their natural curls. Such hair requires a special care because of the natural dryness and delicacy. In

40 Hot Man Bun Hairstyles For Guys

Men have come a long way in as far as hairstyles are concerned at least with what is acceptable in the general sense. Today, you will not be surprised to see a guy sporting a crew cut or a guy who has hair flowing up to the shoulders. That is why you may not be

How to do a Perfect Messy Bun: 30 examples

Hairstyle defines a personality of a person. Nowadays, everyone wants to adapt a hairstyle that would not take more than 5 minutes to settle. There are a lot of quick and effective ways to style your hair. A hair bun is one of them. Bun is very popular nowadays because it settles in just a

40 Twisted Bun Hairstyles And Tutorials

First of all, let us admit it; we women can never have enough ways to do our hair. Even the simplest of women will tell you that they wish that they knew more ways to arrange their hair. That is why you have so many options around and more so since things have migrated to

50 Beautiful Wedding Hair UPDO Styles

When does a woman get to be the complete star in her life? With most women, the answer would be their wedding day. When you think of it, it is the truth, you do get to be a star for the day on the day you get married. Even if there are many moments in

25 Retro Hairdos That Still Work Even Today

We have to agree that hairstyles and hairdos have gone through a lot of changes. It is only when you look at the way the leading ladies of movies from the past do you realize the changes that have taken place in the way hair is styled. There are summer hairstyles for girls from the