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8 Easy Protective Styles for Natural Black Hair

8 Easy Protective Styles for Natural Black Hair

The dark-skinned women are blessed to have black natural hair. Their thick and dense hair can be nicely shaped into impressive hairstyles. Natural black hair gives many possibilities for styling. However, African American women often have troubles with their natural curls. Such hair requires a special care because of the natural dryness and delicacy. In

45 Summer Hairstyles For Girls

Your hairstyle is a very important part of your looks. But it often becomes difficult to manage those long locks during the scorching months of summer. What do you do then? Well thanks to the brilliant stylists spread across the country, you can now avail yourself to a fresh look this summer. These stylists will

Different Styles Of The Waterfall Braid

The thing about hair and hairstyles is that there is never going to be enough of them around no matter how many styles you have learned. The thing is that we always wish for that one perfect hairstyle that will make you feel like a princess. While we cannot promise you something like that, we

40 Unique Braids to Try in 2019

Braided hairstyles provide space for trying creativity with hairs. There are interesting techniques available to make your hairstyle very unique and stylish. Besides that you can try new patterns, shapes, highlights and curly texture.   Braiding is very flexible. They are many types of braids option available such as: Micro braids, French braids, Cornrows, Twist