60 So Attractive and Easy Hair knot Styles: Tutorials

A Hair knot styles are a good hairdo and the best part is it works for both official and informal settings. To get a great looking hair knot, it is best to work with medium or long hair. The alternatives you are looking as far as a hair knot goes are that you can go for a single one or create a cluster of several knots. The hairdo with several hair knots goes really with a gown or dressy looking dress.What you need to create a hair knot:

  • Brush with boar bristles
  • Serum to make your hair glossy
  • Elastic bands that are covered

How to make hair knots:

  • Ensure that your hair is washed clean a little in advance as hair that is recently washed can be a little tough to handle
  • Brush the hair properly and smooth on some serum so that you can control wisps from forming. The brush with boar bristles also helps in creating a smoother look
  • Make a ponytail on the back of the head with the band. Make the ponytail into two parts and pull to make the pony tail tight. Pick a long skein of hair that is closest to the band and wrap it around it. Pin the strand so that it does not move and stays secure.
  • Turn the ponytail from the right side of the bands till the edges and run it around the elastic brand. You need to start from the opposite side (the left). You can smooth some more serum to have neater look
  • The ends need to be tucked under the knot and need to be secured on the sides with pins. Choose the size of the pins depending on the weight of the hair
  • Now add on spray to make sure the hairdo stays put securely while smoothing hair all over the head.

This post features all types of Hair knot styles including for long hair, short hair and for medium hair.

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