25 Retro Hairdos That Still Work Even Today

We have to agree that hairstyles and hairdos have gone through a lot of changes. It is only when you look at the way the leading ladies of movies from the past do you realize the changes that have taken place in the way hair is styled. There are summer hairstyles for girls from the past that could look hot even today. There are many unique braids to try in 2015 that still have a hint of retro about them.

And if you are looking for different ways to braid your hair and find more variety, then we suggest you go retro. The thing about retro hairdos is that they were a bit over the top in some instances but their femininity was undeniable and that is what makes them so hot. In fact, you can see many retro hairdos that work even today.

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Here Are Some Of Them:

Retro Hairdos That Still Work Even Today

Updo with the scarf tied on: This one reeks of the past but in a nice retro way that will add to your aura of femininity. To try this on apply some volume booster to hair that is still damp. Tie the hair back in a ponytail leaving some curls on the forehead. Then pin the curls in the ponytail into a random bun before wrapping the scarf around it.

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Teased crown side ponytail: To ensure that this retro hairdo works even today and stays with the times, you will need to ensure that the hair at the crown is not too teased. Create volume to the hair by pulling your hair to the front and then flipping it over before tying up the side ponytail.

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The geometric cut: This is the modern look from the sixties and looks amazing when you have a face that is sleek and sharp with a nice neck that is long. This cut stays close to the head and emphasizes the shape of the head. By using colors that are interesting, you can really make the hairstyle work.

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Twice tied ponytail: This is a hairdo that is not only interesting and attractive but also practical as it keeps hair neat and off the neck. Start with a high ponytail and then tie the hair again with a tie ensuring that you create a nice volume to it.  Ensure that the hair is sleek for maximum dramatic effect.

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Side parted soft bob: This is a very feminine and soft hairdo that flatters your face by framing it. to do this create soft waves with your hair and ensure that the parting on the side is rather to the extreme to create the effect you want. This hairdo makes people long to want to touch your hair due to soft look.

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Voluminous waves: When you think of this retro hairdo, think Bardot and you will know what we mean. Ensure that you do not over style or over spray so that hair looks soft and natural while still staying neatly in soft waves with a bit of lift on the crown to give you the retro look.

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Very short bangs: This is a pixie look that works when you have the kind of looks that go with it. the short bangs will make your face look interesting and bring the attention to the eyes. If you want to, you can even pin back the bang for extra effect.

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Teased bun: This great hairdo works for occasions like wedding as well as dates. The bun teased and looks very lovely when you take the time to set it with hair that is carefully arranged.

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