10 Possible Reasons You Don’t Have the Hair You Want

The type (straight, wavy, curly) and the color (blonde, black, brunette, redhead) of your hair is a matter of genetics. But the health and the look of your hair is something that you can work on even though part of it comes from your genes. However, we all have the responsibility to ensure that your hair is healthy, clean and with great texture. Have you ever looked at others who have awesome hair and wondered why you don’t have the hair they have and have always wanted? We are sure that when you see super women short hairstyles to try, the temptation to do so is there but you restrain yourself because you don’t have the hair you wanted. Even women with thick hair having the most convenient thick hair hairstyles for everyone may not be inclined to try them because they feel that their hair is not up to the mark.

good hair

We will give you some pointers on why your hair is not the way you want it to be so that you can try amazing and timeless outfits for straight hair women or women with any type of hair. These may sound very commonplace and odd to you but there is no harm in trying some of the things that we have said that you should consider.

Here Are The Possible Reasons For Not Having The Hair You Want To:

Possible Reasons You Don’t Have the Hair You Want

combing hair

You do not clean out your comb: One of the reasons that your hair is not the way it should be could be as simple as not cleaning your comb. It would also make sense to use a wooden comb to stimulate hair growth.

using shower cap

You use a shower cap: A shower cap seems so harmless but it can make your hair sweat and thereby make it lie flatter than you would want it to.

washing hair

You wash your hair infrequently: There is no fixed rule for the number of times that you should wash your hair; it depends on your hair requirement. Some of us tend to sweat a lot in the scalp causing the hair to become dirty and in such cases it is not wrong to wash the hair frequently but with a mild shampoo.

healthy food

You do not eat the right foods: Healthy hair needs nourishment from within to look good and you will need to eat foods that promote hair health to do ensure that your hair looks the way you want it to.

styling your hair

You over style your hair: Over styling the hair would mean that it is stripped off its natural layer that would protect it. By over styling you are depriving your hair of the nourishment and protection that it requires.

tying your hair

You are not tying your hair enough: The thing is hair tends to tangle and break if you leave it loose while sleeping. A good thing to do would be tie your hair back with a soft scrunchy when you go to bed at night or when exposed to too much wind.

using hair dryer

You don’t keep your hairdryer clean: First of all it is best to avoid the over use of a hair dryer and when you do, ensure that the hairdryer is kept clean at all times.

using right shampoo

You are not using the right shampoo: This may take some doing because you will have to go through some trial and error before you hit upon the right shampoo for you.

oiling hair

You don’t oil your hair: Oiling the hair can make it softer and more conditioned when you shampoo it. Oil also tends to nourish the surface of your hair making it stronger and more supple.

touching hair

You touch your hair too much: This may seem too silly to be mentioned here but touching your hair too often can transfer the dirt and oils from your fingers on to your hair causing it harm at times.

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