40 Unique Braids to Try in 2019

Braided hairstyles provide space for trying creativity with hairs. There are interesting techniques available to make your hairstyle very unique and stylish. Besides that you can try new patterns, shapes, highlights and curly texture.   Braiding is very flexible. They are many types of braids option available such as: Micro braids, French braids, Cornrows, Twist

50 New Hairstyles For Women To Try In 2020

Do you think that there are enough hairstyles to go around when it comes to women? Well, this is a question that will haunt us as there are both too many and too less hairstyles for women to try depending on the time and inclination of the woman who is looking for it. What is

Five Basic Braids Every Girl Should Know

The good news is that braiding your hair is good for your hair and while some consider it nerdy or old fashioned to braid their hair, it is anything but. However, to ensure that you look interesting with the braid, you have to master the five basic styles of braiding and also learn to make