How to Make Hair Bows: 10 Different Ways to try in 2020

Women are always looking for ways to make their hair look better and also to ensure that their little girls look adorable too. Being able create a hair bow can come in handy as this adds a quaint charm to many a hairdo. When a girl is going back to school she has her mother and friends spend a lot of time thinking how to come up with cute and easy hairstyles for school girls.

Mothers do wish for a guide on how to do cute hairstyles for little girls with short and long hair when they are dressing up their little girls. Here is a list of ways in which you can use some bobby pins, a glue stick, some bits and pieces around the house and a handful of ribbons from into cute bows that then can be used on hair.

Here Is A List Of 10 Different Ways To Make Hair Bows:

Simply loop a carefully folded into halves bit of ribbon into two loops and make a neat knot in  such a way that the both the loops come up evenly on the top for a simple and cute bow.

Fold a bit of stiff ribbon into a band and sew the ends in such a way that it is not visible. Take another bit of ribbon of in another color or the same color and carefully circle it in the center and tighten till you see the center constrict and the sides come up in the form of a bow. You can sew this small bit of ribbon on the back or simply tie a knot.

Take a bit of long ribbon and fold it so that one end lies horizontal and the other vertical. Keep flipping one over the other till you reach the end, then hold one end of the ribbon and carefully pull. This will form a rose and you can make the excess ribbon round it in a bow.

Run running stitches loosely on a length of ribbon. Then tug at the thread to form a ruffle and you have a bow.

Take several bits of ribbon in the same color and trim the ends. Tie a bit of string in the center of the bunch to make a multi directional bow.

Take several bits of ribbon in the different colors and trim the ends. Tie a bit of string in the center of the bunch to make a multicolored bow.

Use lace instead of solid ribbon to tie and make a delicate and cute bow. This looks good adorning the hair, the dress or even used as an impromptu bow tie for a formal dress.

Roll up many different types of ribbons together and arrange these neatly in a row to form a bow with a difference.

You can plait together some false pearls or beads that you have in your wardrobe together and then proceed to make them into a bow of any of the styles mentioned above. These look really classy when perched on a swept up hair do for a party.

Creating ruffles using the method given above by running a thread loosely through the ribbon of your choice and then forming it into a circular bow is also a great option to work with.

As you can see all you need is some imagination and along with the help of your ribbon drawer you have the right bow to dress up every occasion. You can tweak these designs by using different materials and putting together different textures to make an interesting contrast.

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