How to Make a Sock Bun: 20 Different Styles

Here is an easy step by step guide on How to Make a Sock Bun? But, why is getting a sock bun so great? It is simple, the bun goes with everything that you wear. It works with that sloppy dress that you wear to go grocery shopping and also works with that formal dress that you wear. Plus it can be made to look soft and romantic or even severe and formal. It is cool and works on most face shapes. It can be really a great hairstyle to have in your repertoire when you want to get ready fast and still look good.

The things you need to get started:

  1. A sock that is quite in the same color as your hair. You may pick the size of the sock to match the size of the bun you want.
  2. A good pair of scissors
  3. A good head of hair
  4. Pins
  5. A good hair tie
  6. Comb and/or brush

As you read the list of things that you require you will realize that most of these things can be found lying around the house. Now let us see how it is done:

  • Get a sock and cut the toe portion off with the scissors. Once again make sure that the sock matches your hair so that the look works
  • Roll up the sock to form a doughnut like shape. To do this you need to start from the point where it is cut off and ensure that you do it pretty tightly.
  • Draw your hair together and tie it in a ponytails. The height of the ponytail will be dictated by how you want the bun. If you want it on top of the head then tie a high ponytail and if you want the bun at the nape of the neck, tie a low ponytail. The ponytail will be the center point of your bun.
  • Pull the hair hanging from the ponytail from the center of the sock that you have rolled. Start to wrap the hair round the sock, making sure you are covering the sock evenly. It should not be visible. Keep on moving the ponytail till such time that the sock is pressed firmly against the back of your head.
  • Gently comb in any stray hair that may spoil the smooth look
  • Make sure that you secure the bun using the pins and clips. Make sure that when you insert the bobby pins they are pushed in so that they are not visible.
  • You can add accoutrements like rhinestone clips or other sparkly stuff to adorn the bun. This is just of the options
  • Spray the bun lightly with a hairspray. This may not be essential if you have longer hair that is obedient. But if you feel that your hair may come out or has the tendency to become wilder.

Why does it work? It works because it is suitable for any occasion. It is easy enough to keep in place even if you plan on dancing at the event that you are attending. It will withstand even a vigorous and boisterous game. If you are going to a wedding, this is a hairdo that works on the go without much help from others. You can also play around with this look by adding some adornments or with a few well-drawn out tendrils to make it frame your face.

This hairdo is adorable to women of all ages. It is dignified without being too old fashioned. In fact, it can make many a naughty little girl look cute and adorable. If you plan on a long day at work with a hectic schedule, then this will make sure that you look the part of professional throughout the day.

How to Make a Sock Bun? – Follow these Picture tutorials below!

1-Sock Bun

2-Sock Bun

3-Sock Bun

4-Sock Bun

5-Sock Bun

6-Sock Bun

Wedding Sock Buns

Wedding Sock Buns (1)

Wedding Sock Buns (2)

Wedding Sock Buns (3)

Wedding Sock Buns (4)

Wedding Sock Buns (5)

Sock Bun with scarf

sock bun with scarf-1

sock bun with scarf-2

Celebrity Sock Buns

celebrity Sock Bun-1

celebrity Sock Bun-2

celebrity Sock Bun-3

celebrity Sock Bun-4

celebrity Sock Bun-5

celebrity Sock Bun-6

celebrity Sock Bun-7

celebrity Sock Bun-8

celebrity Sock Bun-9

celebrity Sock Bun-10

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