How To Curl Your Hair: Learn With These Simple Steps And Tips

The thing is that while poker straight hair seems to have caught on, as the must thing to have in terms of the latest fashion, sometimes adding a bit of curl to your hair can also be fun. Especially if you are looking for romantic ways to do your hair after looking at brilliant senior picture ideas for girls. The fact is not everyone looks good with straight hair and it is good to have some curls to frame your face.  If you want to learn some ways to pin your hair up, then it is a good idea to learn how to curl your hair in the right way.

How To Curl Your Hair: Learn With These Simple Steps And Tips

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Actually curling your hair is a great way to make your face look really pretty and highlight the best features of your face. The best part is there are attractive wavy hairstyles for long and short hair, so you need not worry about the length of the hair when you are trying to curl it.

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Here Are Some Tips To Get It Right:

Add layers in your hair cut: Yes, you will need to give up those thick blunt edges if you want to be able to curl your hair and for the curls to hold. Ensure that the conditioning of your hair is also good when you are setting about curling it.

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Hold off on the shampoo and conditioner: The thing is that hair that is freshly washed will not be able to hold a style as it becomes too soft and silky. That is why to curl your hair well, hold off washing it one day before.

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Buy a nice dry shampoo: Well, this one is fairly obvious as the drier the hair, the better it is able to hold a curl. It will remove any traces of oil in the hair and make things easier for you.

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Texture also needed: This may not necessarily mean that you need to invest in something really expensive. It is just that you can pick out something that works for you from the drugstore.

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Ensure that you have heat protection: While we want to curl the hair and it also needs to be dry and have texture, you also need to protect your hair. To that end, apply some heat protector to the hair before you use the curling iron.

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Buy the right curling iron: You will need to do some research as well as go through some trial and error to ensure that you have the right curling iron.

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Get the technique right: This is something that you will get by watching others and also trying it out yourself. One of the best ways to learn how to do this is by looking at videos on how to do this.

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Begin at the top: Many people believe that curling works well when you do it from the bottom part of the hair, which is what people do when they straighten hair. However, in this case you are better off starting at the top and move down.

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Retain the curl using pins: One of the ways to ensure that your curls last for a longer time is by pinning them for a while using a pin before moving on to curl another portion of the hair. Once you are done with all the hair, you can spray on some lotion to set it and leave it like this for about ten minutes.

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Spray is essential: One of the things that you need to remember is the spray as we mentioned in the earlier step. Also make sure that you have a small spray bottle handy in your handbag so that you can keep the curls staying the way they are.

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