Five Basic Braids Every Girl Should Know

The good news is that braiding your hair is good for your hair and while some consider it nerdy or old fashioned to braid their hair, it is anything but. However, to ensure that you look interesting with the braid, you have to master the five basic styles of braiding and also learn to make the most of them for your looks. The thing is that braiding can be a lifesaver when you are having a bad hair and just do not have the time to wash and set your hair. For instance, when you learn how to do a fishtail French braid for a fresh faced look, there are many ways in which you can look great without having to work too hard. You can also master the different styles of the waterfall braid in order to ensure that you have mastered the half up and half down hairstyle to look pretty serene but with the hint of a wild side.


Even women who are blessed with awesome hair that is also obedient (in the sense that it does not become too wild or limp) would wish for some alternate ways of styling their hair. Once in awhile, they would want to look as if they have gone the extra mile to look good. But at the same time, they would like their hair to stay neat. In such circumstances, they could go with amazing braided hair updos for long hair.

That is why we are going back to the basics and giving you a list of basic braiding styles that you should know to be able to create different permutations and combinations. But before we move on to the styles, we wish to also tell you that the ideal hair condition for you to try a braid would be the day after you have washed your hair. Also, ensure that the hair is tangle-free and nicely brushed or combed before you start. Keep a supply of clips, ties, etc. before you start.



Traditional braid: Divide your hair into three sections and start overlapping one section of the other. Once you are partly done, it would be a good idea to comb out the remaining hair to ensure that there are no tangles.



French braid: Though the concept behind the French braid is simple enough, it can be a bit painful on the hands especially when you are braiding your own hair. This style requires you to start by dividing a small portion of hair at the top of your head into three portions and start braiding, and as you move down, you keep adding a strand of hair from each side on to the braid till all the hair is included.



Dutch braid: This style is like the French braid, but instead of braiding by moving the hair section on the top, you move it downwards. This will make the braid have a three-dimensional effect to make it look different.



Fishtail braid: In this braid style, you divide your hair into two portions and keep moving strands from one side to the other to form a braid. Though the process is simple, it could take some doing, it takes a while to do it to make it look good.



Waterfall braid: This is the French braid but done on the side and also requires you to let one strand of hair fall as you gather another one to create a waterfall look for your hair. To ensure that the loose hair is properly brushed and neat looking.

Once you master all these basic braid styles, it is simply a matter of developing different hairstyles depending on the length and thickness of your hair and what the occasion demands.

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