Different Styles Of The Waterfall Braid

The thing about hair and hairstyles is that there is never going to be enough of them around no matter how many styles you have learned. The thing is that we always wish for that one perfect hairstyle that will make you feel like a princess. While we cannot promise you something like that, we can definitely add to your style satchel of hairstyles. We are talking about waterfall braids here, which as the name suggests is a braid but also allows your hair to be left open in style. While braids can be considered trendy medium hairstyles for women, they are also considered a tad boring at times if not done with a twist.

waterfall braid 2

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The waterfall braid can be considered one among the adorable hippie hairstyles to make you look cool. Since we are going to teach you the steps required to try the waterfall hairstyle for yourself, you can mark it as one of the perfect braided hairstyles to try for this year.

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Here We Give You A Step By Step Instruction On How To Do The Waterfall Braid That Carries The Complicated Looking Charm Of The French Braid Along With The Playfulness Of The Open Hair:

Prepare the hair: It is best to have washed the hair the day before which you are doing the braid. Comb out your hair and apply some styling gel ( very less of it) on the hair to make it more flexible, if you feel the need for it.

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waterfall braid 11

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Start the braid: Start the braid near the crown of your hair with a bit of hair that you can part into three section to start making the braid. As you braid a couple of times, it is time for you to move onto the next part of the waterfall braid.

waterfall braid 14

waterfall braid 15

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waterfall braid 17

Move on to the next section: When you have done a couple of turns on the braid, reach out and pick up another section of the hair a bit away from the place you started. As you braid with the new section of hair, let one portion (the one furthest away from the center of the head) loose.

waterfall braid 18

waterfall braid 19

waterfall braid 21

waterfall braid 22

Keep on feeding: This way you keep on doing the braid by picking one section to add to the braid from the center and leaving one section of from the other side. This is the basic principle of the French braid except that while new sections are amalgamated, older sections are not let off, but in this case, that is the way to go.

waterfall braid 23

waterfall braid 24

Go from ear to ear: This way you can keep on braiding from one ear to another ear. And when you end near the back of the ear, take the plait that is formed and tuck it under the ear.

waterfall braid 25

waterfall braid 30

The waterfall braid is done in essence and this is what you need to master it. Then once you have the basics in hand, there are many ways in which to style your hair. It is as simple as making the waterfall braid a bit fatter and looser than others and then adding loose waves or curls to the hair that is left loose. You will soon have people asking you how you did it. Or if you want, you can go for an asymmetrical look by braiding only one side of the hair and adding a big flower to the other. As you can see from the images given here, the possibilities of ways in which you can style the waterfall braid is immense as long as you have the basics right. Tell us about the new hairstyles that you have thought of from the waterfall braid.

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