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60 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Woman

African American women are blessed with curly hair and they may find themselves longing for straight hair. Women with straight hair may long for curls. However when you are blessed with curly hair, then you should make it the most of it. The thing is there are many hairdos that women with curly hair can

40 French Hairstyles Anyone Can Try

So, you have heard it all; the French really know their fashion and have their styles down pat.  They have panache, grace, elegance and style coming out of their pores and that their style is not something that you can copy or duplicate. But what if we say that you can do it too? Maybe

40 Examples of Short Hair Cuts for Women

The way a woman looks and feels is dependent on a lot of things and one of the important factors is her hair. Whether we like it or not, hair is the crowning glory and is the frame that completes the face. One may argue that this is not true and even bald women can