25 Pretty Pixie Cut Hairstyle To Make You Look Attractive

Have you ever seen one of those movies where the protagonist is a simple woman who is often overlooked and ignored? Then suddenly she has an epiphany and decides that she will not be ignored anymore and that she will be in complete charge of her life. She gets a makeover and gets a haircut that frames her face just so and makes her eyes look larger and all of a sudden she is getting all the attention that she craved. More often than not, the hair cut is a pixie cut. That is because a pixie cut is soft and short and tends to go with most types of hair like straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair. It could be among the best examples of short hair cuts for women and without sacrificing any of the femininity.

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It is no doubt that this is amongst the most cute and simple hairstyles for women and it requires very little in terms of grooming and styling. If you think it is too dramatic a change and that you cannot do without your usual hair length, just think about the benefits and you will be convinced. It is also among the best haircuts for fine hair as a good hairdresser could cut the hair in such a way as to add volume to it.

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Here Are Some Points To Ponder Upon When Considering The Pixie Haircut For Your Face Or That Of Anybody Who Is Of Your Acquaintance:

Play around with the lengths: By definition the pixie cut is short and tends to be closer to the face but that does not mean that you cannot make it interesting by playing around with lengths. For instances a long fringe in the front of the face can help in making a forehead look smaller if that is what you are aiming for. You can have longer hair framing one side of the face if that is something that you want. This slightly longer hair can be played around with like French braiding.

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Framing the facial features: The main advantage of the pixie cut is to frame the face in the best way possible. It can make the hair curl inward to make a heavier face look slimmer. You can have the cut hair curl outwards to add some curves to the face if it is too thin. Addition of a nice pair of earrings will make the features of the face look more appealing and attractive.

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Opening up the eyes: Women often feel that the way they dress should be to hide flaws of the face, but what they should do is play up the features that are most attractive. In most cases, the most interesting features of a face are the eyes and the pixie cut can be cut in a way that opens up the eyes. The women in question can then play up her eyes with clever application of eye makeup.

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Sleek and ruffled: Depending on the occasion, you can dress your hair either to create an interesting ruffled look for casual occasions or gel it to work for formal occasions. This way you will be adding some variance to a simple haircut.

pixie cut 22

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Add highlights to make it better: You may have noticed many women with simple pixie haircuts who seem to be getting a lot of attention. This is because they have smartly played around with highlights in the hair and adding colors to make it look better.

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We are sure that after you have looked at all the images of women sporting pixie haircuts, you would also be tempted to go and get one yourself.

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